Hi, I'm Forrest! 👋

Code Evangelist + Front-end Developer

Aiming to bridge the gap for low income students and women in STEM through hackathon organizing and nonprofit work. My interests lie in computational finance, mechatronic engineering and front-end design.

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Copyright © Forrest Leung 2019


“If your actions inspire others to dream more, do more and become more, then you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams

I'm heavily immersed within the Bay Area computer science community, creating and leading events for high school students to attend. In addition, I am currently involved with three national nonprofits that provide opportunities to underrepresented students for them to gain exposure in computer science.

In my free time, I like to design websites, take landscape photographs, and explore local coffeehouses!

Copyright © Forrest Leung 2019



Crowdera Logo

2019: Marketing Intern at Crowdera



2019: Product & User Testing at TTYL

Nonprofit Organizations

HAX Logo

2019: Director of Business & Marketing at HAX


STEMchats Logo

2019: Program Coordinator at STEMchats


Project: Website Logo

2019: Advisor at Project: Website


Enrichment Programs

2019: Stanford Youth Leadership Conference

2019: Bluestamp Engineering

2018: Japan Youth Ambassador Trip



CodeDay Bay Area Logo

2018, 2019: Regional Manager at CodeDay Bay Area


GenHacks Logo

2019: Executive Director at GenHacks


HSHacks V Logo

March 2020: Operations Coordinator at HSHacks V


GlobeX Cup Logo

December 2019: Director of Technology at GlobeX Cup


FrontierHacks Logo

November 2019: Outreach Director at FrontierHacks


OmniHacks Logo

September 2019: Outreach Director at OmniHacks

MatadorHacks Logo

April 2019: Outreach Director at MatadorHacks

Copyright © Forrest Leung 2019